Chris Foss

A visionary artist that was very well known during the seventies by the use of his painting for the covers of Scifi books.
During these years, Chris Foss had invented a new way to see the future of the spaceships design. After the silver rocket design (something close with the Raymond Loewy’s design and the Streamline aesthetic) and the 2001 Space Odyssey revolution (more realistic vision, close with the NASA aesthetic), Chriss Foss have brought the space design in another era. More fun, more colored, but always with a big sense of realism about the mechanicals aspects of his starships.
I choose this paint of Chriss Foss to illustrate my text because of the Pasquale Island thematic that was also another great source of dream in my life.
Enjoy !

More about Chriss Foss : (Official website) (website of the first video game that used the Chriss Foss vision. At the end of the nineties, it was a big chock for me ! I remember the first time I played that game : I have spent few time to cry in front of my screen because the game was so magic for my eyes, and the music so perfect for my ears… Lol)


  1. Le Ministre de l'Amour says:

    Un nouveau voyage ?? J’embarque…

  2. efelle says:

    J’aime beaucoup cette illustration.
    Va falloir que j’explore l’oeuvre de cet artiste.

  3. Steamrobin says:

    Un grand merci à efelle et au ministre de l’amour pour leur soutient. Je sors d’un état grippal qui m’a cloué sur place, mais je comte bien revenir régulièrement, quotidiennement, sur ce nouveau blog. Tant de choses à partager…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Merci Steamrobin, tu m’as fait découvrir cet artiste il y a quelques temps déja … Ses oeuvres sont vraiment surprenantes

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